Find meaning in your Mitzvah

Mazel tov! One of the great mitzvot is to support a charitable cause, as the famous quote from the Talmud states: ‘Tzedakah and acts of kindness are the equivalent of all the mitzvot of the Torah’.

And what better mitzvah than to ask your friends and family to make your gift count towards supporting families caring for a child with a life-threatening condition?

The money raised will support both Jewish and non-Jewish families alike and will make a significant difference to families in your community.

We will acknowledge your support with a certificate of thanks, to recognise the impact of your mitzvah.

It's easy, just click the start fundraising button, and you're on your way to helping enrich the lives of children with life-threatening conditions.

For more information, please contact Brigitte Johnson on 03 9804 6212 or

Very Special Kids

Very Special Kids cares for children with life-threatening conditions by providing Victoria’s only children’s hospice and professional support services to families.

We help approximately 900 families across Victoria who have a child with a life-threatening condition with ongoing support from diagnosis all the way through to bereavement.

Sadly, almost all of the children we care for will not reach adulthood.

We provide free of charge care for these children and families, but we can't do it on our own. It costs $9.1 million each year to operate Very Special Kids and we rely substantially on the generous support of the community, so please give generously and together we can make a difference.
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