Three years ago six year old Lilly died from cancer and her little Zoe sister was heartbroken.

Losing a loved one to a terminal illness, effects the whole family but often it’s siblings that find it the most difficult.  For many children having a seriously sick sibling can be a time of great confusion, resentfulness and loneliness, but for Zoe more than anything it was a time of immense sadness. Zoe was by Lilly’s side through it all and she was aware of everything going on. 

The Very Special Kids Sibling Support Program was created to give siblings one on one support and also meet other siblings in a caring and safe environment. The therapeutic framework allows children to not only explore their emotions, but also enhance self-esteem, encourage peer socialisation and reduce the sense of isolation. 

Zoe regularly attends Very Special Kids Sibling Days and she says, “I love the sibling days because I get to meet kids just like me who are missing their sister or brother too.” 

Sibling support services are limited across the state, but the need is undeniable. Without outlets for expression, children can struggle later in life, please donate today to ensure these crucial support services can continue to reach grieving siblings like Zoe.

$25 can give a special Christmas gift to child whose sibling has died

$50 will provide a counselling session for a grieving child

$100 unites bereaved siblings at Very Special Kids Sibling Day

$500 provides a year of art therapy for a bereaved sibling to express their grief

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